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Frequently Asked Questions on Webinars

What is a Webinar?

Webinar is short for web based seminar and BirdSong Media use webinars to provide online classes to empower and educate students to "Market their business with Soul" using both audio and visual experiences.

How Do I join a Webinar?

Once you let BirdSong Media know that you want to attend a webinar, we will send you a registration email that requires your name and email address. 

Once registered and closer to the time of the event you will receive a link via email from us. Click on this at the specified event time and you will automatically connected to the webinar.

What Software Do I need?

When attending a webinar for the first time, the software will automatically download to your device, the software is called Citrix and is 100% safe.

Can I join a Webinar via any device? Ipad, IPhone, Tablet etc

Yes you can join a webinar on any device that is able to be connected to the internet and you are able to pick the email link up from.

Can I join by telephone?

Yes it is possible to "call in" to the webinars but as this is an audio visual class this is not recommended.

Do I have to listen live?

No, a recording of the webinar will be sent out to you via email after the live class is over so you can watch and listen again in your own time at your own speed.

Any other questions?

Please do contact us on the details below if you have any other questions on joining our BirdSong Media webinars, thank you.