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Creating Images & Video with BirdSong Media

'A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer,

it sings because it has a song.'

Maya Angelou

The most memorable way to convey your marketing message is through invoking an emotion...a visual experience that leaves your customers feeling like they have really experienced you, your gifts and what you have to offer. 

Creating personalised images and video that is relevant to you, your energy and specialised areas of work really reaches out and inspires your customers as they witness who you are and how you can help them. 

I see these types of media as artistic doorways in which BirdSong Media is able to convey the vibrational message of you and your multi-dimensional self, as our clients and customers dont usually come to us for just one aspect, they come due to the resonance of many things on many levels, conscious and unconscious.

So let BirdSong Media help you sing your unique song through the power of personalised images and video as to help you reach more customers and clients.

Creating Unique Images with BirdSong Media

Marketing today is such a visual experience, our senses are stimulated by an estimated 5000 brand message each day, which is quite a number!

So how do you make your business stand out from the crowd and be seen amongst the visual noise? 

The answer is to make unique, high quality images that have the integrity of YOU integrated within them, this way they not only look inspirational but actually share the resonance of your signature frequency. With thanks to things like google, images are easy to come by, but when your work is in the spiritual or artisitc heart based field geting the right one that represents you is much more difficult as there is a lot less choice available, it can also be hugely time consuming and can sometimes come with copyrite infringement issues as well. 

Another great thing about having unique images created for you is how we can match them to your brand, so they flow and look super professional across all marketing platforms, as this really helps new customers and clients have confidence and trust in you, supporting them to easily take further steps in buying from you or booking the first appointment.

Having your own unique images on your website, email campaigns, flyers and Facebook page is a great investment into your business and supporting the attraction of your ideal customer and client who resonates with what they feel and experience when they are exposed to your uique image.

Images - Start Up Package

  • 6 unique high frequency images

  • Collaboration with you over all design elements
  • Frequency and brand aligment is key
  • 3 refinements per image upon initial completion
  • High quality image files for use across all your platforms
  • Formats that are suited for your needs - j-peg, png files etc

What we need from you:

  • A brief about what you would like for each image * Information about you and your brand
  • Any images that you like or are relevant to the brief

The cost of this package is £99

Creating an Inspirational Video with BirdSong Media

An inspirational video is an excellent way to invoke emotion, and reaches out to those potential customers who need to feel and experience you, on a deeper level. An inspirational video can take your customer to another level, one that is sometimes not possible through just words and pictures alone.

Video really is the media of our time, and as the popularity of 4 billion hits a day on YouTube shows, in just a few minutes you can convey a powerful visual message to a world stage that can motivate people to take further action with your business. For example visiting your website or Facebook page, booking an appointment or purchasing a product. Attracting customers comes from being and expressing the true you. BirdSong media can create a unique inspirational video that not only allows you to share your gifts and talents, but emotionally expresses your unique vibration, event or product.

Video - Start Up Package

  • A high frequency video containing up to 30 slides of texts and images

  • A running time of up to 3.5 minutes
  • Collaboration with you over all design elements provided
  • 5 refinements of your video upon its initial completion

What we need from you:

  • Complete video theme * Finalised text content * Images supplied in specific size and quality * End title page * High quality MP3 of music track

The cost of package is £99

Feel the love for BirdSong Media Services

Julie Beckwith

Healer and Teacher

With deepest thanks for my website and your inspiration and creativity, it was so uplifting to be in your company and you have inspired me to work through my fears and move forwards with my business.