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BirdSong Media Webinars

BirdSong Media aims to empower you to become self sufficient when it comes to marketing your true self. So when you are ready to learn, we’d love to teach you how to create your own visual masterpieces, enabling you to express your uniqueness, as you change and grow within your journey.To do this we offer regular Webinars, which are on-line classes, that help to guide you through artistic, creative and technical information.

Our webinars are audio AND visual. They show you the exact process to take as you follow the presenters mouse and screen, in step by step fashion.

Don't worry if you are unable to listen live, as a recording of the webinar will be made and sent through to you within a few hours of the live class, so that you can re-listen and re-watch at your own pace.

BirdSong Media Webinars are aimed at beginner to novice level, and provide room to grow as you gently expand your knowledge and skill through practise and experience.

PicMonkey Series

While Photoshop is a "big deal" in the land of professional graphic design, you don't actually "need" it to create stunning, inspirational visuals anymore. All you need is a FREE on-line photo editing tool called PicMonkey. PicMonkey is an easy to use photo editor, graphic design tool and collage maker, all in one and is something I use nearly every working day, to help me create branded visual experiences for myself and my clients. It has become an indispensable creative tool, that can take the professional look and feel of your business to the next level. So if you want to upgrade your skills to create beautiful branded pictures for your website, or eye catching posts for your Facebook page or vibrant, informative marketing material for emails, flyers and more, then this on-line webinar series is for you.

In today's social media scene, PicMonkey really is a must have creative resource, use it for business or pleasure. It is graphic design made easy, with creative works of art guaranteed!

Class 1 - Tell A Story - 60 minutes
Create a unique look, combining your favourite images as to show a range of photos or pictures all in one view, perfect for showing a story and diversity without cluttering space. Ideal for advertising your events, marketing your items and giving the customer a full experience of you in one easy view.

This class teaches you the basic techniques of PicMonkey, click here to see them and some creative examples.

Class 2 - The Perfect Marriage of Text and Pictures - 60 minutes

To create professional looking marketing material like flyers, adverts, Facebook posts and emails, the combination of seamless text integrated into a picture, to create a one off media moment is vital. Techniques learnt here are ideal for creating exciting inspirational and energetic impacts to your customers.

This class teaches you the intermediate techniques of PicMonkey, click here to see them and some creative examples.

Class 3 - Make it Your Own - 60 minutes

Create your marketing material from scratch by integrating your own brand elements, logo, colours and font style, creating something unique that you can then easily share across all areas of your social media, website and email campaigns.

This class teaches you the more advanced techniques of PicMonkey, click here to see them and some creative examples.

Our next available date

Our next PicMonkey classes will take place in early 2018 click here to go on our mailing list and find out first our next webinar dates

Feel the love for BirdSong Media Services

Sandy Reygan

Healer and Teacher

I have really enjoyed these last three weeks of classes, I have learnt so much and have found a few things out for myself. It's fascinating me, playing around with all the different buttons and I really love it. Thank you once again for wonderful classes and for sharing you knowledge and expertise. You are quite amazing.