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 The Journey with BirdSong Media

Life is full of cycles and creating Birdsong Media has bought me full circle from the very beginnings of my working life. Having worked and trained in marketing in my early twenties with a global marketing solutions company, I was exposed to a mass of brand management, creative media events and motivational incentive programmes for large companies such as Barclays, IBM and Crowne Plaza. The aspects of those experiences that I enjoyed the most are now at the heart of BirdSong Media, the opportunity to create working relationships where creativity and inspiration are the priority, the buzz of seeing a team vision turned into a successful working project and the joy of watching people be emotionally activated by your chosen words, imagery or music for their event.

Being a creative person also leads me to be an emotional person and this is what initiates the marketing with soul aspect of BirdSong Media, the essence that behind every piece of work created, there is a feeling, a frequency, a vibration and this is what is emitted to whomever comes into contact with it. This of course is not my feeling, frequency, or vibration its YOUR'S, all I am is the interpreter, using my intuitive visionary skills to embed this into each project.

Making inspirational media, especially video's comes from my passion to touch, move and inspire people, as I have been deeply triggered myself in this way. The motivation to change, grow and be of service have all been awakened in me at different times by watching powerful heart based videos that call to my soul, whether its a dog being rescued, a pay it forward experience or life capturing event. I love the intertwining of words, images and music, I love how it makes me feel and I love creating this fluid fusion in my own work.

My love of Facebook and social media comes from the opportunity to be instantly in touch with the world, to not only know how my family in Australia is getting on but to be able to see their pictures, videos, likes and dislikes all in real time. The opportunity to be able to help abused street dogs in Romania is what really catapulted my Facebook experience and knowledge into new levels though. The inner drive to be of service and to work with the power of social media meant in 12 months my German fundraising partner and I created a worldwide caring group of over 600 members that raised over £5000 to help Romanian rescuers. To me this is media at its finest...Inspiring...Delivering and Unifying through creative, joyous, emotional moments.

With love to you