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Creating a Facebook Page with BirdSong Media

Establishing a business page on Facebook, that follows your unique brand, is a positive step in support of putting yourself out in the world.

It allows you to become connected to a global network of people that can instantly find your contact details, get a feel of what you have to offer, attain your website address (if you have one) and can find where and when your next event is. Facebook has over a billion monthly users, so it makes sense to advertise your unique business in this format.

Due to its overwhelming popularity, over 7,000 pieces of new content are uploaded to Facebook in every second of every day, so being seen amongst the crowd and finding a new audience can take time, energy and know-how, before it becomes a profitable financial experience. The Facebook journey does bring many positive attributes along the way, that help us to become stronger within our personal identity, brand or business, including overcoming the fear of being seen, refining what we want to share about ourselves or our business, regularly writing information about who we are and what we do. 

Expressing your true self through a Facebook Business page is an empowering process as we get used to sharing ourselves, our work and our unique gifts. The journey of receiving positive feedback, seeing our popularity increase and of course gaining new customers can support empowerment. It can also be fun, thought provoking and unifying as we are able to reach people, places and experiences that go beyond the borders of our own back yard. 

Start up Packages “Marketing with Soul”

Creating a Facebook Business Page... Start Up Package

Whats included:

  • Full set up and creation of a Facebook business page that reflects the frequency of your personal energy

  • Personalised Facebook banner/cover photo to express your brand

  • A fully functioning page that includes your first 3 posts that are tailored for maximum impact and success

  • A base audience of 25 likes as to help you reach your new social media audience

  • Advice and examples of future posts relevant for your page

  • Half price attendance at any of our "Learn - Create - Express with Facebook" Webinar

    series (Valued at £42.50)

The Cost of this Package is: £99

Feel the love for BirdSong Media Services

Nora Creed

Healer and Teacher

Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I feel like I am really getting started now and I am excited.

The universe provides me with the very best help on my path and you are part of that help, thank you so so much for the huge support, I am so so so blessed,