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Creating a Website with BirdSong Media

To create an online identity and market to a wider audience, is a really BIG step in anyone's empowerment process. There’s so much to learn, technical information, social media terms, creative expansion...and of course there is our inner journey, overcoming our fears, our self worth issues and internal blocks.

I truly understand the energetic challenges this journey can create, and through the benefit of creating and managing my own personal website and social media platforms for over 10 years now, I really appreciate this magical journey of self discovery and creative expression and want to share this with you too.

Instead of dreading your website creation process as being something that’s almost impossible to get right, or so hard to even begin, allow me to nurture you through this experience and support you to see your own vision made manifest into a digital resource that is both beautiful and an effective representation of you and your business.

Start up Packages “Marketing with Soul”

Creating a Website... Start Up Package

  • A standard 5 page website design with personalised texts or fonts, backgrounds and colour scheme's

  • The obtainment and purchase of your personal domain name (what you would like your website to be called) e.g

  • A custom email addresses (what email address you would like linked to your website so people can contact you) e.g [email protected]

  • A mobile website - so people can view your website on their phones easily and professionally

  • Integrated maps- guiding your customers to your location or place of work

  • Integrated social media - linking your website to your Facebook, Twitter etc

This package also includes:

  • 5gb storage – which means that there’s enough space on your website to support lots of good quality pictures and information
  • Website statistics – A tool so that we can see who’s looking at your website to enhance ability to generate more traffic
  • Our experience of driving traffic to your website - using prominent key words and descriptions relative to your business
  • The opportunity for further training with BirdSong Media to learn how to take ownership and management of your website

The Cost of this Package is: £275

  • The cost of £275 includes your first 12 months of website hosting and domain name fee's. At the end of this time period, to sustain your website on line, you will re-new this contract directly with the hosting company. This will cost approximately £100 and is paid each year to keep your website live and your domain name registered to you. Detailed information comes at completion.
  • The "Creating a Website Start-Up Package" is for a standard 5 page website design. Further enhancements like a shop/store page, hosting documents like newsletters, uploading videos, can all be achieved and start from £25 per additional feature. We can discuss your requirements at your free consultation, and a price agreed.
  • This price is based upon me receiving ALL completed, and refined content, meaning all wording and all images. The price doesn’t include editing support with website content or sourcing of images, although I am happy to offer a tailored package to include this, if this is your requirement. We can discuss your requirements at your free consultation, and a price agreed.  

Creating a Website & Facebook Page... Start Up Package

This package includes all of the above “Creating a Website Start Up Package" plus I will create your Facebook business page on your behalf, handing it over to you once it is completed.

Establishing a business page on Facebook that follows your unique brand allows you to become connected to a global network of people that can instantly find your contact details, your website address and where and when your next event is. It is a great extension of your business where you can once again reflect your own unique energy, helping potential clients to experience your frequency even before they have made contact with you for an appointment or product.

Having worked on your website already I can create:

  • A Facebook business page that reflects the frequency of your energy and the branding of your business
  • A fully functioning page that includes your first 3 posts that are tailored for maximum impact and success
  • A base audience of 25 likes as to help you reach your new social media audience
  • Advice and examples of future posts relevant for your page

The Cost of this Package is £325

The Works “Marketing with Soul” Package

Creating a Website & Facebook Page AND Creative Management of your Website Package

This package includes all of the above in Creating a Website and Facebook page package plus one to one training in the editing and management of your site.

My personal website ( has had many facelifts over time. I have chosen many different website “template” styles as I have grown, and have changed the look and feel many times, updating its frequency to reflect my own internal shifts.

Knowing how important this regular upgrade is, this package has the potential for you to learn how to take full ownership and creative management of your own website. Thus no longer needing me to support you and becoming fully self sufficient, so you can change ANY aspect of your website yourself at any time. This is a hugely empowering process and allows you to truly embed your unique self into every single aspect of your website.

The online template system I use to create websites is very user friendly and you do not need any previous experience to be able to take control of running your own website.

This package includes:

  • 1 hour of one to one training - Introduction to the website builder and the creative tools that are used
  • 1 hour of one to one training - Editing - Adding pictures, changing text, updating events page
  • 1 hour of one to one training - Becoming self sufficient, future creative options for your website
  • Full administrative handover of emails, log ins and associated website contracts

The Cost of this Package is £450

Please note: These 3 hours of one to one training are very much tailored to your requirements, nurturing you to receive what is most needed for you to be able to feel confident and competent in the creative management of your own website.
All one to one training is completed via remote computer access so you can be in any location to receive it.

Feel the love for BirdSong Media Services


Healer and Teacher

I have been singing your praises to my colleguage, I stressed that you really listen to what a client wants about the look and feel of a website, as well as you are very gentle and patient during training. You do such lovely work and there are people out there who need your help!!!